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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  March 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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two shows for the price of one. >> what did you learn? >> i learned ellen barken hottest, hottest on oscar night. >> what was she wearing? >> i love it. i've become addicted. >> what did you learn? >> i learn from andy that the oscars are not a telethon. >> very good. >> chris told me 90% of the e-mailers agree with me on charlie sheen. >> tomorrow a three-hour special on charlie sheen. >> it's way too early. what did you learn? >> let's just go to that show with chuck and savannah. >> deadline day in wisconsin. with democrats still boycotting, governor scott walker moving forward. he reveals his full intentions when he lays out his budget today which could include some layoffs. closing in on gadhafi. loyalists fail to push back
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rebels. meanwhile, the military option for the u.s. government is on the table as forces move closer. the midwest now braces for more flooding a day after heavy rains and at least nine tornadoes ripped through states from kentucky to pennsylvania. ohio valley and the midwest getting hit hard. it's tuesday, march 1st, in like a lion. >> it is. >> i'm chuck todd. >> good morning. i'm savannah guthrie. darrell issa is investigating his own spokesman. we'll get into that. and i love the way you put this. >> he'll subpoena anybody. >> on a media bender as chuck likes to say. charlie sheen keeps on talking. here he is with jeff rossen. we'll get the latest on that interview. let's begin in libya and fiercest fighting yet reported overnight in the rebel controlled cities. libyan troops and african
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mercenaries attacked with tanks and anti-aircraft guns but failed in attempts to retake those cities both less than 150 miles from the capital of tripoli. jim, good morning. >> reporter: well for the first time since we arrived in tripoli last saturday we're now hearing very intermittently gunfire on the streets during the day not far from where we are is probably eastern suburbs but those kinds of clashes had been happening at night when those groups of armed individuals pro-gadhafi go from neighborhood to neighborhood and sometimes house to house looking for anti-gadhafi protesters that often turns into a firefight. before this we hadn't heard it during the day. if you leave the town of tripoli, you get a sense of how much of a fortress it's become.
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layer upon layer. thousands of soldiers and militia mixed and matched in uniforms protecting the city. the fighting continues outside the city and mizratah one of two major flash points is anyone's bet. that air base out there is being controlled part of it by the rebels. the other part by pro-gadhafi forces and every day and night for the past four days it's been back and forth. it still remains contested. where we saw with our own eyes that opposition had taken over with forces that had bolted to the opposition, last night there was heavy artillery and tanks to retake that town and it didn't work. they were pushed back by very determined people. out in the east several hundred miles from here you are now
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seeing volunteers stepping up. officials there say at least 5,000 volunteers have joined the battle. the idea is they would make a long march of tripoli. that remains very unclear. overall atmosphere here finally one of fear and total uncertainty. back to you. >> that's jim maceda. we move to iran. authorities there are moving to try to cut off an uprising. they have thrown two anti-government leaders somehow in prison to the point where none of the adult children even know where they are. the opposition says the move will backfire and are promising more protests. we are joined now on the phone. we were talking earlier. you say this is the talk of iran. where are the opposition leaders? where does the government have them? >> that's the big question, chuck. nobody quite knows where they are. the authorities here have been
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vague about their whereabouts and haven't said if they've been put in prison or under detention but opposition websites have gone into overdrive and these guys have been arrested and specific about the prison that they have been taken to. it's a military prison in the center of tehran. but whether they have been taken to a prison or they've been moved from their forced detention is a moot point. since the 14th of february nobody has seen or heard from these guys.picture for two weeks now. they've been holding off arresting these guys for a very dark day and now they pulled the stunt on thursday night and arrested them and everyone wonders what the next move is going to be. protesters are starting to build up. whether they will make any sort of impact today with regard to the security presence we'll have to see through the course of the day.
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>> all right. thank you. back here on capitol hill, concerns that deal for a short-term budget fix to ward off a government should down may have hit a snag as the clock keeps ticking in washington just four days left until the government money runs out. kelly o'donnell, good morning. what is this snag potentially all about? >> there are reports today, savannah and chuck, that the white house would like not two weeks but four weeks and when you think about it both of you had your bags packed to find out the president wouldn't getting too overseas because of a snag up here. the president has another overseas trip scheduled right at the time when the two-week extension that the house wants to get passed today would come to an end bringing up this whole question of trying to extend it again. so clearly there is interest on all sides to come up with a deal that goes longer term for this current year to pay the bills of the government but at the moment john boehner and his tom aidp a
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say they are sticking with the two-week plan and harry reid's office says they're not sure how this will unfold. they immediate periodically but clearly this meeting takes on a big per importance when it comes to the clock ticking toward friday and the time when the government would run out of money. everybody saying no shut down. all sides positioning themselves that way there is this idea from the white house about trying to make things go a little bit longer and give people more time to discuss ways to come up with a longer term solution. today the big news here will be the house voting. house republicans say their 4 billion in cuts should be acceptable to democrats because they got ideas from the president himself. we'll be watching for that vote as the day goes on. >> all right kelly o'donnell on capitol hill for us. thanks very much. of course savannah the question is if the one month deal does it become $8 billion. does it get doubled or not? that's where the white house is staying silent. you guys work out details.
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we would like a four-week solution. >> house republicans made clear they want to pro-rate the cuts. we'll see. >> while we're approaching opening bell on wall street and all eyes are on capitol hill, two hearings there today. oil prices hover around $97 a barrel. becky quick has a preview. >> you know, we've been watching oil so closely over the last week and a half. you know that's been what's been driving the market just about every day. today we're seeing something interesting happen because oil prices are picking up once again and in fact right now they are up by 81 cents to 97.79. this is probably just about at the tipping point. the markets right now do look like they are going to open higher. the dow will open up by 30 points but as oil prices have been creeping higher today that's been a huge concern. we've watched pressure on the futures for the stock market. part of the news is saudi arabia is pumping as much oil as is
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needed. last month they pumped as much oil as it has since 2003 with the american invasions. now, the bad news is that egypt is once again delaying the open of its stock market. that market has been closed for over a month at this point. libya's top oil official says the country cut production in half. those are concerning things. the big news for wall street today will be what is being said on capitol hill as you mentioned. we have two big hearings that are coming up with geithner going to talk to the house financial services committee. they'll talk about mortgage reform. and then ben bernanke will be testifying to capitol hill. this is the first of two days of testimony. today he's speaking to the senate. tomorrow he's speaking to the house. but what these two gentlemen have to say will likely test where the stock market will be headed. chuck and savannah, back over to you. >> they always do, don't they? >> becky quick, thanks. >> coming up, it's one of those deadline days in wisconsin. we've seen these come and go as the standoff stretches on,
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governor scott walker lays out his budget and cuts he says will have to go deeper if the awol democrats don't return today. we'll talk live to one of those democratic lawmakers who is still out of state. the powerful republican oversight chairman that had the white house worried is now investigating his own press secretary? why congress man darrell issa wants to get to the bottom of leaking in his own office. we'll get the latest from politico which broke this story. a look ahead at the president's schedule today. you're watching "the daily rundown" right here on msnbc. [ female announcer ] imagine the possibilities with stelara®.
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wisconsin governor scott walker is expected to double down today in a budget standoff which has become a bellwether
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for the fight between labor unions, public sector unions, and a new conservative force in the state. >> the governor is expected to bring his two-year budget to a joint session of the state legislature this afternoon and with his plan to cut collective bargaining rights and that stalemate, walker is threatening pink slips if it's not resolved. what's the latest with this deadline as the governor calls it looming today? >> reporter: well, as chuck said before there's been a lot of deadlines in this story. this one has to do with governor giving his budget address this afternoon at 4:00. will he have or not going to have a vote on his budget repair bill that would require that at least one of the awol democratic senators come back to this side of the state line. that hasn't happened a lot of rumors flying around overnight 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, at least two decided to come back that would have broken the stalemate and i checked with republican and democratic
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sources and no one has said that's the case. and they say that the democratic caucus met in illinois last night for four hours. we're all unified and remain unified. nobody is headed back today. certainly not before the governor gave his address. the governor said if he doesn't have a vote and approval on the budget bill, he'll lay off as many as 1,500 state workers. he'll submit a budget which is going to have a billion dollars worth of cuts which across the board and around the state is likely almost going to require notices and pending layoff notices already sent out. he won't have the budget repair bill but a long fight for sure and contentious fight over the submitted budget plan. >> all right. anxious days there in madison. thank you. let's bring in chris larson
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joining us from chicago. thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much for having me. >> well, let's get the status of what if any negotiations there are. there had been talk about democrats talking to so-called moderate republicans in pursuit of a deal. what's the status of that? >> i mean, that's continued over the last two weeks. obviously walker when he introduced this budget measure he said there are no negotiations. this is it. it's either my way or the highway. obviously senate democrats took their pick and since then we've been talking to our fellow republicans. the conversations have changed since last thursday when the walker tape came out where he gave away his true plan which had nothing to do with the budget. now, we've introduced an alternative measure that doesn't go after the workers and we could balance this shortfall and we would be happy to be there by this afternoon for the budget address and work forward the next two years. that's been rejected. the only alternative has been
9:17 am
going after the workers or going after the worker rights. that's just untenable right now. >> senator, do you believe that 14 of you are still united? as much as there's been talk about republican defections but there's also been some chatter about the possibility of one or two democratic defections. how united are you? >> we're united on this one. there is -- the power grab that's happening back in wisconsin is just unprecedented. this is a very divisive governor and very divisive republican party. instead of listening to the tens of thousands of people, we got word they shut down the capitol restricting access to the public to the point where one lawmaker couldn't get in for over two hours. instead of listening to the public, we are waiting to hear from them to -- we need for them to listen to the public so we can get back there. we're united on that front. otherwise we're not sure the wisconsin we would be going to
9:18 am
the way it's been taken. >> there's some talk senator bob johns is one that says that there may not be much more that can be done and he may return to the state in the next couple days. >> right. we're all looking forward to getting back. i think given the weight and divisiveness of this legislation that changes 200 state laws and does no-ed by contracts and effects medicaid, medicare and senior care and assault on worker rights, when we consider that compared to if we go back, that's just going to go straight through. right now we still have a voice. that keeps us strong. on the other side this is wearing at senate republicans who hear from their constituents, 60% to 70% of people are opposed to this draconian measure and that keeps us strong. >> all right. state senator chris larson joining from us chicago today, thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. coming up next, the feared
9:19 am
issa investigation hits home. the man known for aggressively going after democrats is now setting his own sights on his staff. >> i swear to god everything is bizarre these days. first, as charlie sheen's spectacular media bender continues, we take a one-day pause to bring you sheen speak. >> total rock star from mars. tr trolls. gibberish fools. >> you know that could have gone on for the rest of the show. any way, that's charlie sheen's speak for today. >> we'll have more of charlie sheen coming up. send us an e-mail.
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the powerful chairman of the house oversight committee has turned his investigative eye on his own staff. >> here's the story. republican congressman darrell issa is looking into claims that his own spokesperson gave a reporter e-mails to use in an upcoming book on washington's political culture. while sharing info is not illegal, it's called egregiously unprofessional. jonathan allen is politico's correspondent. the spokesperson here for darrell issa defended himself by saying did i blind copy every e-mail i sent to the editor here? my question is clearly someone at politico found out their e-mails were leaked. how did you find out? >> we've got two really great
9:24 am
young reporters. one got a tip about this. jake talked to kurt and kurt gave him that quote. did i do something wrong all the time? did i blind copy every e-mail i got from a reporter. no. it's like me saying did i steal all of the money out of your wallet? no. that was an admission. they went through a lot of other channels and talked to darrell issa himself and various other sources and became very confident that the guts of the story were really there. >> let's just make clear what's going on. he's writing a book about washington's culture of self-love. the allegation is that he's a source and that he's sharing the reporters he receives from other reporters with lebovich and issa himself is investigating this conduct? >> if you want to write a book about washington's insider
9:25 am
culture about power and how it corrupts and everyone is involved with each other, i would say now that they are authorities on that. >> why are you guys outraged? i say this because how could politico operate without leaked e-mails? >> there's a difference. >> what's wrong with this? >> there's a difference. politico operates with leaked e-mails from staffers to each other and we work on that basis. there's an understanding between reporters and sources when they exchange information that that source isn't then giving their story to someone else. isn't then taking information that -- >> has that happened? >> we don't know that yet. it's unusual for reporters' e-mail -- i hope it's unusual for it to be forwarded from one reporter giving it to a staffer and then another because then you would never have confidence you have the ability to report your own stories. the ability for reporting works
9:26 am
on trust. trust between aides and reporters and everyone working together. it's relationships. if you don't have trust and you don't have faith in the people that you are interacting with, like you say why would you trust them? >> kurt is not just any stafferstaffer to darrell issa. i believe he was called issa's mini me. he said that bardella was open. he said people in the press are lazy as hell. i pitch a story and they do it word for word. that's just embarrassing. they adjust to a time that demands less quality and more quantity and it works to my advantage most of the time because i think most reporters have lied to me packaging things for them and people will opt for what's easier to move onto the next thing. do you think reporters had it
9:27 am
out for bardella? >> i don't think so. you get what you deserve. >> one man's whistle-blower is another man's unethical staffer. >> depends on context. >> how do you know that bardella is not a whistle-blower? >> you know, he may see himself that way. i think reporters feel like they need to trust sources they are dealing with. >> interesting story. politico broke it. jonathan allen, thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> reminder of how washington can work sometimes. if it's tuesday, it's been a while since we have done one of these. you know how i love it. it's tuesday so voters are voting somewhere. >> we'll tell you where and for what and because you can't go enough of it, we'll go inside charlie sheen's home and hear what the actor says about the new loves of his life. it's not charlie's angels. he calls them goddesses. >> but first today's trivia question from the almanac of american politics. which multimillion member of
9:28 am
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which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. my brain didn't even break a sweat. where you book matters. expedia. >> bottom of the hour now. quick look at what's driving this tuesday. >> in libya rebel fighters successfully fought off assaults in two key cities overnight keeping control of the eastern half of the country. ambassador susan rice says the u.s. will maintain political and economic pressure on moammar gadhafi until he steps down. it's deadline day in wisconsin so says governor scott walker. if his plan to strip collective bargaining rights from public workers is not approved today, thousands of workers will be laid off. a bonanza of hearings today on capitol hill if you are into this kind of thing. attorney general eric holder in the hot seat right now
9:32 am
testifying. we'll keep an eye on the hearings for you. secretary geithner will call on congress to overhaul fannie mae and freddie mac in the next two years. other stories making headlines today. president obama is offering a bit of an olive branch to states unhappy with the health care overhaul. the president told governors that starting in three years, their states can opt out of portions of the law including the requirement that everyone purchase health insurance but states have to offer alternative plans to meet the minimum federal standards for coverage and affordability. parts of the midwest bracing for more flooding one day after tornadoes touched down in tennessee, indiana and seven other states. at least two deaths are blamed on those tornadoes. now more from charlie sheen. the actor invited nbc news into his home for a glimpse into his life behind closed doors. including a rare interview with his two live-in girlfriends. he calls them the goddesses.
9:33 am
one is a self-described porn star and the other a model. >> these women don't judge me. they don't judge me. they don't lead with opinion and their own needs all the time. they're honest enough to tell me park your nonsense. you got to help me solve this and we solve it. what i tell them is don't live in the middle. get away from emotions and ego. >> both women live with sheen at his home which they actually have nicknamed sober valley lodge. jeff rossen with the world exclusive today on the "today" show. charlie sheen loves jeff rossen. he talked about him on cnn last night. he said he was a wrock star. >> everyone in the porn industry are known as stars. no one wants to be the porn character actor. >> let's move to more weighty
9:34 am
matters. moammar gadhafi is barely clinging to power as rebel forces surround tripoli looking to topple him. you wouldn't know it by talking to him. this is him with bbc. >> gadhafi has gone out of his way to convince people particularly the western media that all is well even as protests like this erupt in the streets of tripoli. you have met and interviewed the libyan leader. when you watched your news organization participate in that group interview yesterday and watched gadhafi, what parts of him were the same gadhafi that you have observed and met and interviewed over the last 20 years and what parts seemed like a mad man that's losing it. >> practically all parts were the same. he looked more or less the same. he hasn't aged well. he's using good air coloring.
9:35 am
also that slightly mad glare if i may put it like that and then this complete lack of logic. when i interviewed him in 1992, it was the opening of a huge water irrigation process in the desert which he called ninth wonder of the world. there was a strange scene before the interview where he greeted these arab leaders coming in before the ceremony and he would walk down a red carpet and every time he would wear a different colored cape. on one occasion he was walking down the red carpet -- for each leader? >> he would change cape. exactly. and then at one stage he wore a green cape to greet yasser arafat. he wore a certain colored cape and he stopped in his tracks and he flung off this cape and screamed something and this woman rushed out and gave him a red colored cape. there's an inner logic that is worthy of "alice in wonderland" that even advisers and sons
9:36 am
didn't understand and yesterday we saw that inner logic which is illogical to everyone else and we saw that in glaring contrast to what was happening around him. >> you almost have to laugh because some of these stories are so outrageous. on the other hand, this is a brutal crackdown and here the u.s. along with its allies are trying to come up with sanctions and questions that everyone is asking is this a person who is capable of -- can you attribute any rationale motives? can he make a decision based on his own interests ? >> there is a rationale to gadhafi. he decided to give up weapons of mass destruction in return for rehabilitation on the international stage which worked beautifully. now the administration to say thank god we took weapons of mass destruction away from him in 2002 because otherwise he might be using them now. here's the point. whatever western pressure is applied whether sanctions or no-fly zone, this will not get
9:37 am
rid of colonel gadhafi. what will get rid of him at the end of the day is one of his own sons saying the game is over, dad. it's time to retire. probably saudi arabia. >> i was going to ask, is the one son and it seems like you have one son complaining about his travel budget but one son who seems to have fashioned himself as chief of staff, he's pretty much the linchpin here, isn't he? >> that's what people are banking on. the problem is that who you are referring to went to the london school of economics and received international prizes and was at aspen at one stage. this guy gave a speech in recent days in arabic to a domestic audience not the kind of thing you expect from an alumni london school of economics. he's tasted recognition and doesn't want to do without those things and there's a hope albeit slim that he may be able to do something. >> is this the presumption he
9:38 am
would try to cling to power? or that he would make the exile more palatable for his father? >> we have trouble figuring out father and son relationship between the two george bushes. try and imagine figuring it out between the two gadhafis. there are eight sons by the way. things could get complicated. not all sons are interested in the kind of international rehabilitati rehabilitation. >> let's not forget this. do gadhafis think that they basically take advantage of the civil war and say, okay, we're just going to control tripoli? you guys want the rest. could that be logic in their head? >> i talked to the reporter who did the interview yesterday, he said we spoke for almost an hour and a half for gadhafi. the three reporters and the colonel. he never actually went into any detail because he was often off broadway in terms of logic. never went into detail about how this would actually pan out.
9:39 am
at the moment what you have is . pockets of libya in the south and the west are controlled by rebels. tripoli controlled by gadhafi forces and fights in three or four big locations today to try to seize control. >> lastly there was talk for the last few days about potential of a no-fly zone with western allies. it's interesting. on one hand secretary clinton seemed to raise it publicly but later in an interview with bbc she seemed too shoot it down. doesn't seem like there's an appetite for military action. >> no-fly zone works if there are planes flying doing damage. as we know so far a lot of the planes used by the libyan air force in the first two days defected more any way. that's not an option. is looks great. freezing assets is a great idea. there is something that has to work faster. >> can you explain why david cameron seemed to say derattle
9:40 am
so much yesterday? >> the brits were embarrassed by the fact that they allowed through various back channels the man to go back to libya because he was on death's door. the man is still alive living in peaceful retirement. this has embarrassed the british government and caused fishers between london and washington. this is his chance to rectify that record. >> all right. good to have you here. thank you. if it's tuesday, somebody is voting somewhere and today to my hometown in florida. a special election to replace congresswoman fredricka wilson. she's best known in washington for her affinity for hats. she won meeks' seat last november. well oscar branyon and joe celestin are trying to replace her. it appears that celestin and
9:41 am
governor rick scott saying the immigration law works. it's not celestin's flyer. he would be the first haitian american to serve in the senate. branyon says his campaign had nothing to do with the flyer. what's interesting miami herald endorsed republican. the logic was this republican if he gets elected will have a seat at the able since it's a republican controlled state senate. interesting rationale for it. it could have ramifications on south florida politics. this has to do with haitian politics in south florida. >> we'll watch it. give you the results later. let's do our trivia. which multimillionaire member of congress also won the $250,000 d.c. lottery? and jonathan allen of politico new the answer. congressman james sensenbrenner of wisconsin.
9:42 am
that state in the news these days. when does $4 billion plus $4 billion not equal $8 billion? only in washington when you do math on capitol hill. can congress clear the latest hurdle on the budget before the latest shutdown deadline. the white house soup of the day. it's minestrone. >> a big dash of charlie sheen and there's more on that coming. >> what happens when you mix charlie sheen and moammar gadhafi? >> that's coming up. >> you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. my doctor said most calcium supplements...
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9:46 am
version better than the original? is that wrong? >> the main thing is not to admit it. >> president nixon a big fan of the man in black. cash performed at the white house in 1970. he later met with nixon as an advocate of prison reform. i have to say, i never saw johnny cash and richard nixon as political allies. that's richard nixon for you. >> nixon going to china in the music world perhaps. moving on as we reported house republicans began debate on a two-week spending plan that includes $4 billion in cuts. >> the white house made a late bid yesterday to extend that temporary spending plan to a month to allow more time for talks. with house speaker john boehner wrangling 87 new members, the bath to a deal is anything but clear. we have man very aware of how this craziness works. are we just simpletons here? you want to go a month? >> i certainly am. >> we don't understand this crazy calculation here.
9:47 am
>> if you want to go a month instead of two weeks, why not make it $8 billion, the same deal extend it. seems logical to us peanut gallery folks. what say you? >> for house republicans two weeks is the means by which they do two things. keep the government open, avoid a shutdown which is a political motive and politically important factor for them. it also gets senate democrats in the white house if they agree to establish the idea that cutting 61 billion from 2010 budget which is a pro-rated amount over two weeks is okay and you can cut that much. with those two victories for two weeks they'll be happy. they don't want a month of negotiations because the longer you negotiate, the more difficult in a practical way it is to actually cut the budget because of fiscal year keeps shrinking. the more the fiscal year shrinks, the less opportunity you have to cut things. they want this confrontation in mid march coming sooner rather than later.
9:48 am
there won't be a shutdown on march 4th. house republicans don't want to keep kicking this can down the road. they want policy they pass and cuts they put forward and they want to force senate democrats in the white house to cut more deeply than they are prepared to so far. >> one thing that seems clear is no side is itching for a shutdown. here's "the washington post" this morning. who is more to blame if the federal government shuts down? 35% said president obama. 36% said republicans. so it's obviously a horse race. here's the fascinating poll going back to january 1996 after the government did in fact shutdown who got blamed according to "the washington post" back then? president clinton got 50% of the plain. republicans got 27%. that's completely contra to conventional wisdom that gingrich got hurt from the shutdown. >> what that poll indicated also or what the larger take away from that confrontation was,
9:49 am
bill clinton forced a shutdown but to protect things that were important to the country. and to spending priorities that he had identified. it was okay to shut down and not give into republicans to cut all of the things they wanted to cut. >> medicare, medicaid, environment and education. i can recite the message from that clinton deal. >> and not do those cuts in exchange for tax cuts which republicans push aid loed along same lines. to revisit that '95 shutdown, for six months nearly republicans in the house said we'll shut the government down and we'll shut the government down. when the shutdown was taking place, the public blamed house republicans because they promised to shut the government down. that's why you see they don't want to do this. if it comes, it won't be because we sought it. they are driving toward that kind of confrontation.
9:50 am
>> the two-week extension supposed to be voted on today. is there any chance boehner pulls it and says we'll go four weeks. >> zero. >> that's the only thing that's going to happen today, if that's the case it hits the senate. >> and house republicans will say we have now passed two pieces of legislation to keep the government open. senate democrats passed zero. we're ahead 2-nothing. >> let's say they go with what the white house additional two weeks. it seems like the original $4 billion was the low-hanging fruit. you do earmarks and some of the items the president had identified. would the next 4 billion be as quote-unquote easy? >> every billion after 4 billion -- basically after you get the determinations and earmarks not funded from 12010, it gets more and more difficult. it's very tough indeed. >> it is not as easy as it looks. we're proving that capitol hill
9:51 am
math is calculus, and we made need a slide rule at some point to figure that out. unfrozen caveman congress. thank you, sir. >> up next, the daily rundown. who said it guessing game. it's actually harder than you think to tell a gadhafi quote from a charlie sheen quote. we'll put ourselves to the test coming up next. >> follow us on twitter. including to many of you that notice that twitter is for haters. it's for lovers, too. >> it can be. try it. >> we'll be right back. uh, laugh lines? [ laughs ] not funny. act my age? -why? -why? -why? i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. [ female announcer ] we all age differently. now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage, and worry wrinkles will fade in just 4 weeks.
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9:54 am
oh, boy. >> well, before we go let's take a dip in the shallow end where we celebrate the crazy. our friends over at belt way at
9:55 am came up with a brilliant. who said it, charlie sheen or gadhafi? it's harder than you think. we'll play a couple of rounds. we don't know the answers. first quote. and they're going to fuel the battle cry of my deadly and dangerous and secret and sil lent soldiers. who said it, sheen or gadhafi? >> gadhafi. that seemed easy. >> i think it's gadhafi, too. >> wow. >> moving on. the next question. i'm a fighter, i'm a struggler. charlie sheen or gadhafi? i'm going to see sheen. >> i'm going to see gadhafi. >> gadhafi. >> they're a new sheriff in town and he has an army of assassins. gadhafi or sheen? >> gadhafi. it has to be gadhafi. he's the brutal dictator.
9:56 am
wow. who was he talking about? what's he talking about? >> last one. i will deploy my ordinance to the ground. sheen speak or gadhafi speak. >> too long of a word for sheen. i give it to gadhafi. >> gadhafi. >> we completely failed. thanks for playing everyone. that's it for "the daily rundown." >> this is going away madly, isn't it? >> at 1:00 a dignified hour, andrea mitchell reports. she will speak with janet napolitano. they're playing mary tyler moore. >> if it's tuesday it feels like friday. >> feels like friday. >> see you tomorrow. here's your business travel
9:57 am
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